What is Your Reality?

How do you consciously meet the reality of your life? Do you tell the truth to yourself about your reality or do you resist it? Are you willing to be open to the reality of your life 100% and notice what it triggers in your being? Each day the landscape of our life changes and we find ourselves in a new place of reality.  More often than not we tend to resist the aspects of the realities of life that are unpleasant to deal with, and as a result, we find ourselves in a place of suffering.

So what is reality, really? Let’s keep it simple, if it’s raining, it’s raining, if your car has broken down, the reality is your car isn’t working. Or at this moment, your reality may be somewhat deeper than that, perhaps you have lost your job, you’re sick, you’ve lost a loved one and you’re grieving. These situations are very real, they are here NOW, at this moment in our lives – it is our reality.

The mind can also play a role by producing thoughts that make us believe something that is occurring in our life is real when in actual fact it is just a thought manifesting what appears to be reality.

So what to do?  Notice the difference between reality and thought and then accept that we cannot argue with reality – it’s futile to try to do so, it is what it is. We can’t change the fact that someone we loved has died, we can’t change the fact that perhaps we are suffering from an illness but what we can do is make a choice of how we will simply be with that reality and love ourselves in this place. When we become mindful and open about what is occurring in our life and accept the reality of our situation the suffering created from resisting it appears to subside.

If you are not surrendering to your reality it will most probably be causing you suffering of some form. Remember, what you resist persists and what you embrace you erase.

I am not suggesting that any of us like the feeling that loss and pain can bring into our lives but acknowledging that it is present and letting it be is an option. My experience has been that when we truly just open to our life situation it begins to have less power when we are not resisting what is.

Be mindful to meet life as it arises, let go of time frames about when it should change or disappear. Notice how you engage with life by being aware if you move towards or away from the situation.  Let go of expectations and just let it be, let it have its time with you and be open, it will dissipate on its own accord anyway.

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