It’s All About You

Have you noticed there are certain aspects of your personality that no longer serve you—such as impatience, the need to be right, fear, judgment, jealousy, or a lack of forgiveness, to name a few? Perhaps one or more of these traits are more of a hindrance rather than being helpful in your life today.

At any given moment, you have the opportunity to let them go and create space that will bring more peace into your life. How do you do this? Self-inquiry is a great process that allows you to see more deeply into the truth of yourself and the emotions/feelings that are present. More importantly, it gives you a chance to experience the peace within rather than the noise of your mind. As you begin to tell the truth about the role you play in various circumstances in your life, you can discover that the most problematic challenges, in retrospect, have been gifts, allowing you to see yourself more clearly, grow, and prompt life changes. By doing this, you take responsibility for your feelings by being aware of what circumstances or people trigger you, and then leaning in to discover what they are trying to show you. Go inside, check it out, and see for yourself.

Discovering peace and fulfillment in your life is possible. It’s simple but not easy. It begins with you and requires vigilance. Taking responsibility for who you are in this life will allow you to no longer depend on others to define or complete you. Instead, you can begin to see relationships or circumstances as a mirror and the opportunities that come with that to discover yourself more fully. Remember, life is living you, and your choices reflect who you are.

It begins with YOU; it’s an inside job.

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