It’s All About You

You can bring simplicity into your life by recognizing that your life experiences are all about YOU and the answers you seek are within, they are not outside of your being. We have beliefs that have been handed down through generations about who we think we are, what is right, what is wrong and then the day comes along when we start to ask the question ourselves, ‘ who am I’? The answer to this question is within and no one can tell you the truth of who you are, it is a mystery for each of us to discover.

We look outside of ourselves for the answers to our life but the simplest way to discover them is to really go inside instead of looking externally for the answers. Certain situations do happen in our life and sometimes we hold others accountable for the way our life is or isn’t unfolding, but the truth is, our life is our responsibility and it unfolds based on the choices that we make.

When you realize aspects of your personality that are not serving you that you would like to change, such as anger, impatience, fear, judgement, and forgiveness then simply recognize this has been an aspect of who you are as a result of your life experiences. Begin to love yourself for recognizing that you want to change, not only for yourself but for the good of all people everywhere.

Make a list today of the aspects of your personality, who are you? Are you living an authentic life and honouring and telling the truth to yourself about who you really are and what is important in your life?

You may want to consider the challenges you have had in your life and how you interacted with others during that time, you may discover the relationships that were the most problematic are the ones that were a gift for you to see yourself and for life changes to occur. This process does require telling the truth to yourself in order to discover why certain relationships become a trigger point for you and then in the discovery of that, you take responsibility for that feeling or what it brings up for you – go inside, check it out and see. We all have the ability to find resolve within.

Whenever you are holding someone else accountable for how you are feeling Bryon Katie has a great process for working through the issue, it’s called “the Work’. Instead of using the person’s name that you are angry towards when telling the story or expressing the situation use your own name and see if there is an aspect to be discovered about yourself in what you are saying. Bryon Katie’s process is a way to understand what’s hurting you and to address the cause of your problems with clarity. Find out more at

You can discover fulfilment in your life, it is possible. Begin by having acceptance and self-love for all the aspects of who you are, then you will not need to depend on others to define or complete you, instead, you will see your relationship with others as an opportunity to discover aspects of yourself. You are the creator of your life journey and your choices are a reflection of who you are.

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