Being Still and Welcoming Life Just As It Is

I recently attended a great meditation session and an evening of conversation with Muni Fluss from Nelson, her message to all was to take the time twice a day to sit in silence for ten minutes, to really be here and to welcome everything that arises.

All of it, the good, the bad and the ugly. When you consciously say ‘welcome’ to everything that is here in your life and honestly mean it, you may actually begin to feel your body relax, simply by being open. The word ‘welcome’ can become very powerful when you embrace it in challenging times.

Being still and sitting in silence can help you to be aware of what is here and we can miss these amazing gifts in the midst of our businesses and chaos. When you sit and be still with this daily practise you can become more aligned with who you are and instead of focusing on something we want for ourselves simply be open in mediation for whatever wants to come and be with you, there is a big difference between the two.

Silence is golden, it’s available for us at any time, it’s free and it’s liberating. Strange then isn’t it, that when life gets chaotic or we lose a sense of ourselves that we would not take the time to be in silence? Some people have never meditated but you can begin simply by sitting still, with your eyes closed without any distractions for ten minutes. As one meditates be aware of the thoughts that come and go, no need to attach yourself to any particular thought, let them go back to the source from where they came and if an uncomfortable feeling arises, simply be with it without the need to resist or push it away.

Over the next week be aware of any situation that is uncomfortable for you and consciously stop and say ‘welcome’ to it. This type of practice can help us to be aware of when we are resisting any feeling in our body and reminds us to not move away from it but rather to be open to it and then stops having such control of our being. Whatever you resist persists, what you embrace you erase.

Setting the intention to take quiet time by closing your eyes and being still in the silence can also result in that quietness showing up in you, the body naturally begins to relax more and more over time and not only you, but others you interact with become the beneficiary of this stillness.

Being aware of what is coming and going on in your life and how your body is reacting takes vigilance. I love being vigilant and the observer of what is occurring in my mind and the activity in my life. The more vigilant I am, the fewer thoughts arise because vigilance in my experience goes hand in hand with awareness, and thoughts have a tough time surviving in conscious awareness. You may begin to notice there is more space and your mind is not so occupied with thoughts coming and going when you take time to sit in silence and that in itself, brings peace.

You may want to ask a friend to join you in this intention of taking the time to sit in silence for ten minutes twice a day and when you notice one another not being open to any situation in life remind them to simply say ‘welcome’ to what is here, you may also start to discover you’ll smile in the awareness of the reminder of being welcome and what comes along with it. Welcome to it all, no matter what shows up and then see what happens in your life.

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