New Year Resolutions – Life is not a Dress Rehearsal


As we head into a new year most of us stop to reflect on what we want to change so we can live happier, healthier lives.  What is the most important resolution you could make to keep your life simple?

It’s always good to remember, regardless of what is occurring in our lives that we always have a choice to be grateful for life itself. Sometimes the recognition of gratitude alone can bring about happiness. It’s also good to note that life is not a dress rehearsal, each moment we live is our life unfolding and each breath we take is a gift. So, with that in mind, what changes do you want to make that will bring peace and fulfilment to your life?

Most of the time we don’t start making changes because we’re fearful of not knowing what the road ahead might look like.  But taking that first step towards meeting that fear can help set you free.  And, not knowing what is around the corner can actually end up being a blessing.

Be mindful that every moment changes and creates new possibilities. Greet each day as if it were a blank canvas and create what you want your life to look like by listening to your inner voice and letting it be your guide.

Top ten tips for keeping life simple

1. Go with the flow of life instead of resisting it

2. Be mindful of life patterns that don’t serve you anymore and let them go

3. Listen to what your body is telling you

4. Live in the moment, not in the past or the future

5. Choose to live a conscious, mindful life

6. Live from a place of unconditional love

7. Let life live you instead of trying to control it so tightly

8. Trust your inner knowing

9. Spend time in nature

10. Live an authentic life and be true to yourself

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