Transforming Life Through Self-Awareness

More often than not, our minds become cluttered with endless thoughts. Thoughts that take over our day and those that keep us up at night. Our attention is either on the past or the future. Furthermore, we’re missing the present moment of what is actually HERE. When we make a choice to be in the moment with life as it is ~ life becomes simple. Have you noticed how we tend to look outside of ourselves for the answers that will make us happy and complete? But the truth is, the answers we seek are within. When we turn our attention inward we have the ability to realize what is true in any given moment and these realizations have the ability to change our lives to one that is simple and peaceful.

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Lorraine offers hope, inspiration, and an invitation...

Lorraine Wilson has been on a journey of self-discovery for many years she offers hope, inspiration and an invitation to "Keeping Life Simple" through the process of mindfulness, meditation, and self-care. Her expertise comes from her own experience of loss and life challenges. She openly shares the wisdom she has gained over the past 30 years from the many programs and courses she has completed including stress and self-care management, meditation, mindfulness, coping with grief and, conflict resolution. Lorraine utilizes her expertise and communication skills as a program facilitator and a mentor to support others. She says, "We can only speak the truth from our own experience. We all have the knowledge of what is really true and when we meet this knowing in ourselves it provides the opportunity for us to be free and live a life full of joy and peace."

What People Are Saying
  • Lorraine is a special meditation leader who genuinely cares about helping people whether it is through mindfulness meditation or exploring more sophisticated meditation techniques. What I love most about Lorraine’s meditations, is that they flow naturally from her heart so that I feel like I’m absorbing her sense of joy as I relax and become more connected to the present moment. Tara
  • Lorraine has a special presence that immediately emanates to create a wonderful, calming experience. Lorraine attended my mindfulness meditation facilitator training course and I happily refer clients to her. ~Wendy Quan, Founder, The Calm Monkey.
  • I really enjoyed participating in Lorraine's mindfulness/meditation workshop. She explains the importance of taking care of ourselves by incorporating mindfulness and meditation into our daily lives and shared practical self-care tips everyone could use. Lorraine makes a great connection with the audience as she draws on her personal experience and on her own mindfulness and meditation practice. Kulli Yee @ The Ease of Being  
  • Yasmin Haufschild
    We had the pleasure of including Lorraine Wilson’s ‘Keeping Life Simple’ workshop in our April 2017 All About Me women’s weekend program. The workshop was very well received by the participants with a 9.7 rating out of 10. Lorraine’s warm and caring nature was a wonderful addition to our tribe of facilitators. Her smile lights up a room!  
    Yasmin Haufschild
    Director of Special Events and Product Development - The Fairmont Chateau Whistler

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