Utilize Relationships to Discover More About Yourself

I recently spoke with someone in the community who asked how we can bring awareness into our relationships. Awareness is always present, but many miss it due to the busyness of their minds. Choosing to live with awareness can help us understand who we are and what triggers us.

Relationships reveal old patterns that trap us and prevent peace and freedom. Life mirrors us; everywhere we look, we see reflections of ourselves. Embracing this helps us avoid holding others accountable for our feelings. For instance, if you think your partner is selfish, it might reflect your own tendencies or prompt you to be less judgmental.

A significant shift occurs when both partners take responsibility for their actions and words, which can deepen love and reduce tension. Avoiding responsibility creates suffering. When one partner is working through an issue, the other can support them with love and kindness.

Commonly, one partner expresses feelings and expects the other to fix them. This void cannot be filled by anything external; it’s your own heart calling you home. Depending on others for love leads to change, but realizing love is always within you frees you from needing external validation.

Start by giving love to yourself and finding ways to make yourself happy. Ask where feelings of being unlovable or inadequate come from. Gangaji, a teacher, has a short video that might help you discover yourself.

Ultimately, the answers lie within. Welcome every part of who you are with love and see what happens.


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