Do You Listen to What Your Body is Telling You?

Allowing ourselves to heal is not something most of us take the time to do or even more importantly, we don’t even realize our bodies or our hearts need our attention. Do you listen to your body when it’s hurting or do you switch to ignore mode?    If you were to stop and be mindful right now, could you identify one experience in your life or if your body has been asking for your attention and time to heal?

I remember someone once telling me life is not a dress rehearsal and that we don’t get to roll back time and do it all over again.  When we begin to have pain or other symptoms in our body sometimes it can be that we have not been mindful about what needs attention and then it starts to show up in our bodies in some form.  There’s a great book by Louise Hay called, ‘You can heal your life’ more than 35 million copies have been sold throughout the world and it explains how our beliefs and ideas about ourselves are often the cause of our emotional problems and physical maladies and how, by using certain tools, we can change our thinking and our lives for the better.

When we are feeling pain in our body from an ailment or grieving the loss of a relationship, a job, or a loved one, many people don’t allow themselves to go through the process of feeling, they do everything they can to avoid ‘the feeling’. Yet when you consciously remain open to feeling and heal the wounds of your heart or your body, it allows you to continue on with your life from a healthy perspective rather than burying the feeling somewhere deep inside.  At some point, whatever is wanting your attention is going to come up again, whether you meet it now or later.  We have the capacity to open up to what our body is telling us without dramatizing the experience by letting the feeling be present and move through our body in a mindful way.

Certain feelings and experiences can make some of us feel vulnerable and yet when we allow ourselves to be totally vulnerable that’s when the healing can take place.  We can also have thoughts or perceived ideas about how much time is allowed for healing to occur for our bodies or our hearts, but the truth is nature has a way for healing to occur on its own agenda. When people have lost a loved one sometimes there is a sense we should be through the grieving stage within a certain time frame but there is no should, all of us experience grief and loss in different ways.  When we love someone and they leave our life there is no time limit of when our heart will be healed, we can’t know, but by allowing grief to be present for as long as healing needs to take place without judgement, then that alone can be healing in and of itself.

Begin to pay attention and be mindful of what your body is trying to tell you and listen to it.  Your body is filled with such wisdom and the more we trust what our body is trying to tell us rather than what our thoughts are projecting, the healthier our lives can become.  The body is a window to our soul, listen to it, trust it and give it your attention. Simply love yourself through it all, then see what happens.

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