Don’t Forget to Notice the Abundance That’s in Your Life

Life is here for us to live it and enjoy it. We get so caught up in our minds about what is occurring in our daily life that we don’t take the time to celebrate what is here now in this moment. The world offers us abundance every day but more often than not people do not connect with the offering.
It could be as simple as a colleague bringing you a coffee, a kind deed a friend or family member has done for you, the sun shining on your face, it’s all abundance in the receiving, but most people only think of abundance as money.

When you begin to recognize you do have abundance in your life, the drive for the desire to have more subsides because you are grateful for what is here now, and there is not the thought that your life is lacking some “thing”.

As you pay attention to the abundance in your life each day and be grateful, it appears to continue to manifest in your life. It is the universal law of attraction that you will attract that which you are, and that can be influenced by your own thoughts, actions and beliefs.

When we can be grateful for everything that is in our life including the challenges that come, because they too are gifts for us to discover ourselves more fully, we can grow from these experiences and then our life can flow from this place rather than a place where we believe we are lacking some ‘thing’.

That perception comes from the mind; it’s always generating thoughts about what you don’t have rather than what you do have.

Stop right now and take the time to feel the energy of abundance or gratitude in your body, think of a situation that recently occurred in your life that you were grateful for and notice the feeling. As you become aware of the feeling of gratitude in your body, remember it is available to you at any time.

All it takes is a second to stop and realize what you are grateful for right now.

What a gift knowing we can enter into this at any given time and all it takes is a moment.
When you are having a day that feels like the tail wagging the dog, stop and take the time to write a list of the abundance that showed up in your life for the day and what you are grateful for.

Some days it might just be one or two items, other days the list can be quite long, but you may be surprised at how rich your life already is. Remember also that it’s not about generating a long list of items because just one acknowledgement is enough to recognize that abundance is here and gratitude flows from that place.

Our mind is brilliant at showing us the things that are lacking in our lives, but when we are always coming from a place of desire we can never feel fulfilled.
We believe after we get the next desire that it too will make us happy, and, of course, that might work for the moment.

But as beings having a human experience, we are always looking for the next fix to feel better through the acquisition of ‘things’ or relying on other people to make us feel better.
The truth is, happiness is within. It is our natural state of being and yet we don’t recognize it because the mind is busy driving our life with apparent thoughts of who we are not and what is lacking in our life.

Begin to bring awareness to the things you are grateful for today; perhaps begin by being grateful for your life.

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