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There are probably hundreds of them, some are small decisions while others have the ability to impact your life in a big way. Do you make decisions easily? Do you procrastinate, or do you totally avoid making a decision, and if so why?

​There are lots of people who avoid making decisions out of fear they’ll make the wrong decision and it’s because we have been so conditioned not to trust our inner knowing that we live our life this way. We consult our family, friends, and partners when faced with making a decision and sometimes, this, of course, can be helpful because it provides us with clarity, but the truth is, the answers you are seeking for your own life are within yourself.

How many times have you said, “I knew I shouldn’t have made that decision”? Many of us, if we reflect back on our life choices could certainly say this has occurred numerous times in that we had a gut feeling but went with the thought that came from our mind rather than our inner knowing. Intuition lies beyond any thoughts in the mind. It’s a different experience to trust your inner knowing rather than depend on your thoughts and if you become mindful when making decisions in the future you will begin to know the difference.

Sometimes the answers we want don’t come as quickly or as clearly as we would like and in such circumstances I always suggest handing your question over to silence without any expectation of when the answer will come and without any preconceived idea of what it should look like. Taking a walk out in nature, being still and quiet or meditating can be helpful ways of listening to your intuition. You can also ask for answers as you go to sleep at night as answers can sometimes reveal themselves in your dreams if you pay attention.

As I mentioned, we have been so conditioned not to trust our intuition but your higher self is always available to you and it is free of judgment and fear. Consider there is no wrong decision you can make in your life and the freedom that concept can bring to your life. Even if you make a choice that turns out to be not what you had expected, at least there has been learning in the process, you now know what you don’t want, so how can the choice have been wrong when it has brought you such clarity? Being clear about what you don’t want in your life can put you on the road to that which you do want. When asked ‘what is it you want some people really have a problem coming up with this answer and it can simply arrive when you discover what it is that you don’t want in your life.

Intuition is inner wisdom, it’s not just in some of us it’s available to everyone at any time. It’s incredibly empowering to tap into your inner wisdom and let it be your guide. If you allow yourself to be open to what you feel or hear you may find that your life begins to move in a different way, it won’t be driven by thoughts of fear. How many times have you helped someone else make a decision in their life and discover your intuitive knowing for them was bang on? It’s easier for us to tap into our intuition when guiding others because our mind has no attachment to the issue and fear is not driving the outcome, some people can see the answers more clearly than us but even as they share their wisdom we know when what they are saying is right for us because it resonates at a deeper level in our being. Not everyone you consult for support when making decisions will provide you with the correct answers for you because at the end of the day it’s your life and it’s your inner knowing that you have to trust to make the choices to live your best life.

There can be a complete shift when you make a decision to live your life at the moment and be guided by your own intuition; it’s a different way of living your life compared to how you may be living it now. Once you become conscious of handing your questions over to your higher self you will begin to see your life through a different lens. Some people can feel a response to their questions just by a simple feeling in their body or they hear their intuition speak loud and clear. Some people say ’I had a hunch” which of course is a feeling and I really encourage you to not ignore this knowledge. You can also be given answers to your questions in the places you would least expect to find them, they can show up and be validated by your inner knowing simply through a conversation or interaction you have with another person. If we pay attention, there are signs all over the place guiding us to our inner knowing. The more you choose to be present and mindful of trusting your inner wisdom the more you will begin to discover that trusting this guidance is the only way to live your life even though at times you may not know exactly where this guidance is leading you. Your intuition is a gift; it is not to be taken lightly and is always available to you.

​The next time you need to make a decision in your life give yourself permission to trust your intuition, you may even discover you like the results.

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