Living a Mindful Life

When we practice living in the moment, everything we need to do or know will be present. We can begin to enjoy moments without thoughts distracting us from being present.

Did you know the average person has over 60,000 thoughts a day? Of those 60,000, 90% are repetitive throughout the day and from previous days!

Our mind is a brilliant tool for storing information and managing the practical aspects of our lives so we can access it when needed. However, many of our thoughts distract us from being present with stories about who we are, who others should be, what will or will not happen in the future, or what happened yesterday. When these thoughts arise, it’s important to recognize they are just thoughts, and no action is required. Do not touch them with your attention.

Whether we’re working, driving a car, or engaged in a conversation, we can make a conscious decision to be fully present in that activity. This requires not following or engaging in any thought that floats by. The more attention we pay to a specific thought, the more the mind will generate it for us. When we begin to let the stories the mind generates be present without action, they will come and go just like the moment they arrived.

Having said that, there are absolutely times when thoughts arise that require our attention. These might be thoughts relevant to our own or another’s safety, and it is natural and necessary to respond. However, the thoughts I am referring to are those created by the mind that do not require immediate action. As we begin to be the observer of our thoughts, we will inherently know the difference between the two.

As time goes by, if we have been vigilant about not following our thoughts, we may begin to notice more peace and calmness in our lives. The thoughts we no longer pay attention to naturally dissipate. Check it out for yourself and begin to enjoy the freedom and peace that come when you start living life in the present moment and let go of thoughts running your life.

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