Living a Conscious Life

When we live life in the moment, anything we need to do or know will be present. Whether you’re washing dishes, cooking, driving your car, visiting with a friend or working, make a conscious decision to be mindful and present with what it is you are doing. You may notice all these extra thoughts that went on in your mind before will disappear when you begin living in the moment.
What a relief!

Our mind is a very useful tool for helping us to live the practical parts of our life each day, such as driving our car, performing our work honouring responsibilities, playing sports, running our households etc. but when the mind delivers thoughts geared towards stories about who we are or who others should be with labels attached to grasp our attention, then it’s very useful to recognize these are just thoughts and no action is required.

There are of course times when we do have a very relevant fear for our own or another’s safety through thought and it is our human instinct to respond, but the thoughts I am pointing to here are those created by the mind and we inherently know the difference between the two.

The more you consciously bring awareness to your thoughts you may begin to notice they will dissipate because you are no longer responding to them. We have been conditioned to believe everything our thoughts tell us about who we are and the truth is we are much bigger than any thought our mind can produce.

The more you pay attention to these types of thoughts the more they tend to manifest in your life.
Many of us spend wakeful hours because our mind is delivering nonstop thoughts, but when you become the observer of your thoughts they will eventually dissolve because you are no longer engaging with the thought. Be aware that it does take vigilance to be conscious of not becoming your thoughts. Begin to be mindful about what thoughts arise and if they have nothing to do with the practical part of your life then let them pass by.

When you begin to let these stories be present without action, they will come and go just like the moment they arrived.

I recall a non-duality teacher, Pamela Wilson one day saying that ‘a river doesn’t mind having a fish flow through it’; well it’s the same concept as thoughts passing through your mind, they’re just thoughts – let them come and let them go – no need to attach yourself to anyone thought.

Try this and let us know your experience. Begin today to enjoy the freedom that will come when you begin to live your life in the present moment and let go of thoughts running your life.

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