Letting go of what doesn’t serve you anymore

If there was one thing in your life you could let go of today, that would bring you peace and simplify your life, what would it be?

Perhaps it would be letting go of a grudge that you are holding onto or a problem that keeps reoccurring. Maybe it’s a worry over lack of money or  simply worrying about situations that you know you have no control over.
So what would would happen if you just made a decision right now, to let it all go? In this moment.

After you read this article you may want to decide to let go of one thing that does not serve you anymore. If that’s the case then take the time to be still and sit in silence and connect with what it is you want to let go of and visualize what your life would look and feel what your life would be like without this situation.

Almost instantly you may sense your body relax when you make a conscious decision to let go. There is freedom in letting go of situations in our life that do not serve us anymore. There are certainly times we cannot change our life circumstances but we can definitely change the way we choose to interact with them.

The mind becomes fixated with things we have no control over and it’s useful to recognize what we do have the ability to change, and that which we cannot change, and then to totally let go and trust that life will unfold just as it should. 

We hold onto relationships, jobs and the need for material processions that don’t serve us anymore and we deplete our energy by trying to hold onto something that just doesn’t want to happen. 

Have you ever experienced the feeling you are trying to put a square peg into a round hole and the amount of energy it takes to do that? If you really pay attention when a situation in your life is meeting with resistance, there is truly a reason for it. Sometimes we don’t know where our life journey will take us but if we just get out of the way and stop resisting what wants to naturally occur, our life suddenly begins to flow with ease.

Take the time to recall a time in your life when you did indeed have no idea where life was taking you.  Perhaps it was a job you really wanted and did not get, and then, the perfect job found YOU or maybe it was a home you wanted to purchase and your offer was refused and then bingo the perfect house came along. The same goes for a relationship, we try to hold onto someone in our life when it’s clear the journey is over and then when you finally let go, it provides the space for new people and circumstances that are more aligned with your values to come into your life.

Many people have resistance to letting go and letting life ‘just be’ out of fear of not knowing what will happen, but there is an aliveness that comes along with not knowing what will happen tomorrow and the opportunities that will come your way. Check it out and see for yourself. 

Over the next week practice living life at the moment; be mindful of when you are holding onto a situation that naturally wants to change and then with awareness simply let it go. It may continue to come back up to challenge you because the mind is brilliant at capturing your attention, but simply continue to consciously let go. Let go of all that doesn’t serve you anymore and discover the freedom that is available to you in letting go


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