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The Benefits of Mantras and Affirmations

When life gets to be a bit much, what do you turn to for support?
Many people may turn to their faith, a friend, nature, meditation or exercise and of course, there are some people who simply choose to ignore a problem in their life, but if that’s your approach, you can be sure, whatever the issue is, it will continue to come up until you choose to meet it.
​Mantra’s or affirmations have been used by many to help support us during difficult times and there are countless reports of how this approach has been life changing for some.  Affirmations can make you conscious of your thoughts and support you in telling the truth about what is real, because  80% of the thoughts that pass through our mind are not real and for the most part they are negative.

A mantra can be a sound, a word or a group of words, which can vary depending on the philosophy associated with the mantra, but it has been said that mantras are capable of helping to create transformation.    I recall a time in my life when my mother and husband were dying of cancer and it was a difficult time, by chance I heard the chant of “Om Mani Padma Hum”  and although I  had no idea what it meant it resonated through every cell in my body. It was a simple enough group of words to remember and I would walk the dyke chanting this to myself.  I wasn’t a Buddhist, but the mantra rang true for me and provided much courage and support. 

​At some point when I looked up the meaning of the words associated with the chant, I discovered the Tibetan Buddhists believe saying this mantra out loud or silently to oneself, invokes the powerful attention and blessings of the buddha of compassion. Interesting isn’t it, the compassion I needed at the time was right here in a group of words, in a sound. Amazing how these blessings show up when we need them most, even if we don’t understand them, somewhere in our being, we know.

Affirmations have been around since the 19th century and there many famous affirmations that have been used for positive change. Affirmations for connecting to your heart, for loosing weight, for gaining peace and clarity, for courage and the list goes on.  While you can discover powerful affirmations that have been used for centuries you can also create your own.  I know of people who have found a particular affirmation that rang true for them, wrote it out and placed it on their mirror, or the fridge at home or anywhere, simply to serve as a reminder of what is not real and what is true.   It’s believed if you stand in front of a mirror and repeat the affirmation several times a day, with intention, you will see a change occur in your belief system, it’s the power of the mind. For some people this is not a comfortable process so you can choose to can simply write your affirmation out several times a day, speak it out loud to yourself or whatever form feels right for you, but the essence is to connect with the words and believe them to be true.

You can google or go to your favorite bookstore to find affirmations from Louise Hay, Dr. Wayne Dwyer, Oprah and Mary Ann Williamson. Each of these authors and many more have written about the power of affirmations and provide guidance on which affirmations might work for you or how to create your own.