Can You Keep Your Heart Open?

We’re on a journey discovering who we are. Sometimes the best way to do that is to keep our hearts open during an interaction with others. […]

New Year Resolutions – Life is not a Dress Rehearsal

As we head into a new year most of us stop to reflect on what we want to change so we can live happier, healthier lives.  […]

What does your identity reveal about you?

What does your name reveal to you, what is the history you carry along with your name?  If I asked you to stop and describe yourself […]

Everything You Need to Know is Within

There are probably hundreds of them, some are small decisions while others have the ability to impact your life in a big way. Do you make […]

Do You Listen to What Your Body is Telling You?

Allowing ourselves to heal is not something most of us take the time to do or even more importantly, we don’t even realize our body or […]

Don’t Forget to Notice the Abundance That’s in Your Life

Life is here for us to live it and enjoy it. We get so caught up in our mind about what is occurring in our daily life […]

Being Still and Welcoming Life Just As It Is

​I recently attended a great meditation session and an evening of conversation with Muni Fluss from Nelson, her message to all was to take the time twice a […]

Choose to Make a Difference in the World

How do you express yourself and what difference are you making in this world?  I am not speaking of how you verbally express yourself but more […]

Are you Living in the Past?

How much of your energy, is focused on thinking about the past? Not that there is anything wrong with thinking about the past but it can […]

Live a Mindful Life

What does it mean to live a mindful life and be conscious of your thoughts?   When you set the intention to live a mindful life and […]

Telling the truth

How many times in your life can you recall that you were not telling the truth to yourself or someone was not telling the truth to […]

Letting Go of People or Situations that Don’t Serve You Anymore

If there was one thing in your life you could let go of today, that would bring you peace and simplify your life, what would it […]

It’s All About You

You can bring simplicity into your life by recognizing that your life experiences are all about YOU and the answers you seek are within, they are […]

Keeping Life Simple in Challenging Times

How does one actually keep their life simple? I began a life of self inquiry many years ago when challenging life situations forced me to really […]

What’s the Point of Your Story?

Our lives are made up of so many stories. Many of them are related to an experience that was not so pleasant or didn’t work out […]

What is Your Reality?

How do you consciously meet the reality of your life? Do you tell the truth to yourself about your reality or do you resist it? Are […]

Utilize Relationships to Discover More About Yourself

I was speaking with someone in the community recently who asked me to talk about how we  bring awareness into our relationships and what that might […]

Living a Conscious Life

When we live life in the moment, anything we need to do or know will be present. Whether you’re washing dishes, cooking, driving your car, visiting […]

The Benefits of Mantras and Affirmations

When life gets to be a bit much, what do you turn to for support? Many people may turn to their faith, a friend, nature, meditation […]

Keeping Life Simple in the Work Place

I read a story once about a person who worked in the hospitality industry who won an award for her work ethic.  She said upon receiving […]

Do You Know Who You Really Are?

Have you ever taken the time to investigate who you are?  I don’t mean the typical response one would give to such a question, such as […]

Life and Death – Today is a Gift

​I was reminded of this quote recently and all that it holds when I was incredibly touched by a story about a young woman in our […]

Going with the Flow

I was having a conversation with someone in the community recently about maintaining the balance in life and how some days there can be extreme highs […]

​Can You Keep Your Heart Open?

We’re all on a journey discovering who we are and sometimes the best opportunity to see ourselves is through interactions with others. Life situations are always […]