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Life and Death – Today is a Gift

​I was reminded of this quote recently and all that it holds when I was incredibly touched by a story about a young woman in our community who lost her battle with cancer and the ripple effect that loss of life had on those who loved her and those that just knew her from afar.  A loss of life becomes a reality check for most of us, and loosing someone we know or love is incredibly difficult to grasp and so painful to experience.

The question arises why did they have to die?  The sadness of knowing we will never see these people in the human form again breaks our hearts wide open.   For some reason, we really don’t stop to think that it can happen to us at anytime. It appears it would be more acceptable or natural if we had lived long fulfilling lives before we died.  But that’s not the way it necessarily happens, sometimes there is no warning and even when there is, we’re still not prepared for the emotions that come along as a result of that loss.

Death appears to be a difficult subject for some to discuss in our society and yet the experience of death teaches us so much about ourselves and life, whether it’s living through the loss of a loved one or meeting the possibility of the loss of one’s own life.  Haven’t  you noticed there is always so much love and compassion to be found during such difficult times of loss?  Hearts are breaking open and everyone is incredibly present with the reality of death and the love that emanates as a result of the pain and suffering is the healing force and grace that can carry us through such difficult times.

These experiences can become a wakeup call for us to realize this body and each breath we get to take each day is an incredible gift. We often loose site of this reality because we’re not mindful of what is here, right now in this moment, and even when we’re suffering if we can just be in the moment, the suffering can appear to be manageable, at least for a moment.

On this earth on any given day most of us are not conscious of our thoughts and feelings and tend to take life for granted at times, and if we’re honest, we probably take life for granted most of the time. Think of what you would change if you knew this was your last day on earth, how would you treat your loved ones, friends and neighbours, what would you do differently with your life?

I know people who have been terminally ill and as they worked through their diagnosis they would tell me how much love was being given to them and how that love helped them through those very difficult days. There is no doubt about it, we are lucky to be alive, to have this day and be capable of loving other human beings and showing compassion.  Let’s never forget what a privilege it is to wake up each day and to be that person who demonstrates love, compassion and understanding for the people who are in of our lives, no matter what.  And to remember, that love is always the answer. Check it out in those challenging times and see for yourself if it is true or not.

Take a moment today to send love and support to all those who are living with a life threatening illness and to those who are suffering as a result of the loss of their loved one. May we all discover the love and peace that is always here and available, and more importantly be that, live from that place.