Do You Know Who You Really Are?
The Benefits of Mantras and Affirmations

Keeping Life Simple in the Work Place

I read a story once about a person who worked in the hospitality industry who won an award for her work ethic.  She said upon receiving her award, “I was taught to think outside the box and encouraged to work straight from the heart”. Her statement caught my attention. What an amazing approach to have, not only in the workplace, but also in your personal life.

Most of us spend at least 10 hours a day working and commuting to and from our jobs and it’s important to create a sense of well being for ourselves and others while at work.

When we choose to take responsibility for our emotions and for who we are rather than holding others accountable for the way we feel, we not only begin to create peace in our own life but also in the lives of our colleagues.

Personalities play a huge role in the workplace.  Our personalities are created by our mind, which is also referred to by many as the ego.  Our mind defines who we are and how we perceive others and the ego is always out to win.  We all have an ego – the ego is not the problem, it’s whether we choose to let the ego perform its role as the ultimate sense of self that becomes the problem.

When we begin to live our life in awareness and notice when the ego is present, we all have the ability to choose to live from our heart instead. The heart’s role is compassion and kindness.

More often than not conflict arises in the work place because your ego or your colleague’s ego is getting in the way.  Someone wants to win the discussion or be in control – that’s the ego doing its thing.  You can eliminate this type of situation by being mindful whether it’s your ego or your colleague’s ego that’s driving the agenda, and then be willing to let your ego take a backseat if they are your direct report.

So what do you do when you’re in a challenging situation with a colleague? Be mindful, seek to understand others before needing to be understood.  This approach eliminates the need to defend oneself and then the working relationship you have with your colleague has the potential to change into one of ease, with understanding and respect.

We are responsible for who we are in this world and for how our personalities unfold and impact others. If you have made an error or have been disrespectful to someone in your work environment, acknowledge it and apologize.  It really is that simple.  Speaking the truth with kindness and compassion can shift an unhealthy working relationship in an instant to one that is more productive and enjoyable.

None of us can ever know what is truly occurring in the lives of the people we work with.  Bringing kindness and compassion into the workplace has the potential to impact everyone within the organization. Be mindful to keep your heart open at work and commit at least one act of kindness each day for a colleague, client or customer and then see what happens.