​Can You Keep Your Heart Open?
Life and Death – Today is a Gift

Going with the Flow

I was having a conversation with someone in the community recently about maintaining the balance in life and how some days there can be extreme highs and other days extreme lows and then there is what he suggested, as “just a normal state of being”.  The dictionary defines normal as usual, not abnormal, regular and natural.   Happiness is not our natural state, it’s an emotion that comes and goes and we could not know what the state of happiness is if we haven’t experienced sadness.

​Sometimes when we are living in a state that feels natural the tendency to reach out and make something happen in our lives can occur because it appears as if nothing is happening, or something is wrong or you feel bored, but when you experience a constant flow of high and lows in your life then normal becomes a very welcomed state of being for many of us.
When you live a mindful life you can begin to witness the flow of emotions that move through your body on any given day and then make a choice to stay in a natural state of peace, which is the essence of who we really are and then to allow these emotions to move through you, because essentially, that is what they are doing, flowing through your beingness.  Your body is a vehicle this life force is moving through and of course feeling emotions are important to our state of being, but it is not necessary to stay stuck in any particular emotion.  Have you ever had the experience where everything seems to be okay in your life and then your mind projects thoughts that tell you something must be wrong and then you begin to start making judgements about your life or the relationships you share with others?

Some people subconsciously, or consciously, find something that will disrupt them to move them away from the feeling of peace and some may even begin sabotaging relationships because being in a place of peace is not the normal state of being for them.  It’s also not reality to expect that life is not going to present challenges where emotions such as, sad, angry, frustrated, calm or fear appear, but what we can do is be open to all of these and many other states without the desire for it to go away.  To be consciously open to what is present, to let it be as it is, and then it naturally goes back to the source from where it came.    That source I am speaking of is consciousness, where everything arises and everything returns. 
When the mind projects labels on feelings that flow through our body we have a choice of whether to simply surrender and allow the feeling to be present without any action or story associated with it or you can choose to let it be your only focus, but wherever you choose to put your attention is where the energy will flow. When situations are not occurring as quickly as we want them to in our life and we try to force the situation to happen, we start to experience an emotion of some kind, perhaps it is frustration, impatience or stress but these pauses in our life are here for a reason.  They allow us to really contemplate what it is we really want in life, and to simply be at rest in this present moment. 

​Next time you have an emotion arise in your body be mindful not to even label it, let it be a feeling that is simply moving through your body, be mindful not to make it your point of focus and then discover what your experience is in that moment.  Remember what we resist persists, what we embrace we erase.  Enjoy your natural state of peace it is always here, it may be underneath an emotion you are having but it is always here, take the time to discover it and be mindful to acknowledge it, where ever your attention goes is where your energy flows.  Go with the flow.