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Do You Know Who You Really Are?

Have you ever taken the time to investigate who you are?  I don’t mean the typical response one would give to such a question, such as ‘my name is John Brown, I’m 36 years old and live in Richmond’.  The question I am asking here is deeper than that. What are the values you hold in life, are you authentic in the way you live in the world and do your honor yourself?

 How many of you have lost a job, relationship, family members, friends or had some significant change occur in your life to discover  you  no longer have a reference point in which to identify yourself now that object has been removed?  Perhaps there has even been a sense of feeling lost?  Although these situations can be frightening to experience when you don’t know who you are and you have no reference point, they can actually open up the possibility for you to discover deeply who you are. Many people have ‘aha’ moments during these very experiences that change their lives forever.
I’m sure we would all agree there have been moments in our lifetime where we ignored our own values to accommodate others or to keep the peace. There is nothing wrong about accommodating others in life but when a situation arises that brings the choice of being true to your own self or surrendering to someone else’s vision of who you should be, then it might be time to ask yourself ‘ who am I”?  I have met many people who have told me throughout their lifetime they constantly, not occasionally but constantly, sacrificed their own values and eventually the day comes when your own heart calls and says ‘I can no longer do this, I can no longer betray my self.”  When we come to this realization it can bring up emotions and my suggestion is to be present with the emotion and let it move through the body without resistance.  It will go in its own time.  When we choose the path of self love we begin to live our life from a healthier, peaceful place and those in our life benefit from us being in the world in this way.
Take some quiet time and ask yourself what is important in your life, what are your values, what is it you really want?  Practice being mindful. Watch when situations occur in your life and recognize when you are not being authentic. Authentic is being ‘genuine or real, not false or copied’. The more your practice mindfulness the more you will notice when you are not in alignment with your higher self.  Make a decision today to keep your life simple by living an authentic life and then discover who you are.