​Can You Keep Your Heart Open?

Going with the Flow

​Can You Keep Your Heart Open?

We’re all on a journey together in this lifetime to discover who we are and what is the real truth of our being.
We do this every day during interactions with our partners, family members, colleagues and people in our community.  Even though we may not realize it, life situations are always opportunities for us to discover who WE are.

We can all have conversations with people in our lives that don’t have to be charged with anger, raised voices or words of abuse.  When you can simply stay open and speak from the heart and let love be the guide it tends to diffuse situations that are charged with fire. When someone is busy defending themselves it’s usually a sign they are just protecting their heart because if they did tell the truth there may be an outcome they will not be loved for who they are, and all any of us really want in this lifetime is to be seen and loved.   It really is as simple as that.

Make a point of paying attention next time you’re in such a circumstance and choose to keep your heart open and respond from a place of love, instead of reacting in the way you might usually do.  See for yourself what happens.  When you remain in a state of awareness and let love be the guide, it’s difficult for the ego to survive in that presence.

We can choose to let go of the clutter that clouds our minds and focus our attention on always acting or reacting from a place of love. Love of oneself, love of one another or love of the situation our lives may be in at any given moment.

When we live our lives authentically and from a place of love we may find that life does indeed become simpler.  Where there is love there is freedom, because nothing is excluded, all situations and all beings are welcome.

Give yourself a challenge over the next month to move from a place of love no matter what. Really, yes ~ no matter what.  Love for your life as it is, love for other beings who are having challenges, love for the opportunity to wake up every day and most of all love for yourself.   We are in this life journey together and as Gangaji says ‘we are one heart lighting candles all over the world’.

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